Kids love the snow, but keeping children and teens warm can be a challenge. It is important that your children know how to clothe themselves properly to avoid illnesses and to keep them comfortable.

Younger Kids

 Kids Dress

  1. Go shopping in fall. Things kids like wearing tops, cute sweaters, shawls, long sleeves, snow pants, sweatpants, well-layered jeans, and leggings. Always buy at least two sizes bigger and higher quality items so they last all winter long.
  2. Look out for long-lasting, waterproof, coldproof, and warm features. Invest in stylish warm hats, scarves, gloves, and at least two pairs of boots: one for snow and ice and one pair for non-snow cold days like uggs. Make sure they are sturdy.
  3. Teach the child about preventing frostbite and hypothermia and how they can affect your health. Keep age appropriate.
  4. Consider the temperature and what they will be doing before you dress them up.
  5. Put on their undergarments. This includes putting on extra thick underwear and socks.
  6. Dress up their outfit. Put on appropriate pants and tops.
  7. Place on the accessories. You may like to add mittens, beanies, and gloves
  8. Put on sunscreen. Even though it is cold the sun’s ultraviolet light is still out, and in fact stronger since it reflects off the snow.

Older Kids

Kids Clothes

  1. Take them to the mall. Let them buy their own clothes. Depending on their age you may need to supervise them.
  2. Remind them about preventing frostbite and hypothermia and how they can affect your health.
  3. Inform them of the weather conditions and what they will be doing for the day.
  4. Inspect their clothing. If they have not chosen correctly make them wear something more appropriate.
  5. Give them some sunscreen to put on. Make sure that they put it on by checking their face is white, otherwise, they have not put enough on.

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